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Gmail oauth not retreaving user's email


In my app I’m trying for the user to be able to log in via Facebook or Gmail. With Facebook I succesfully configured the plugin and the Facebook Developers app account. In the succces page I’m able to retrieve the Current User’s Email on an Input. I tried the same with Gmail, and also configured both the plugin and the app API Credentials in the Google Cloud Platform. While login the user in, Google pops up a message saying “This app hasn’t been verified yet”. The user can overlook this warning and move on with the validation and finally the success page apears, however the Current User Input apears blank.

So I wonder, why with the Google Oauth the current user’s email is not being retrieved?

and, how can I get the app validated by Google in order to avoid the initial warning?


Regarding the verification, this is the resource describing the changes, your requirements and limitations surrounding it.

The return of the email address, what have you scoped for?


Oauth 2.0 Client ID, Web Type…hope that’s what you mean by scope.


Are you doing this in the api connector? Or JS?


JS, I couldn’t make it work with the API conector.


Show me your api connector settings, minus your ids and secrets, honestly this is the way you want to go. If your not sure what a scope is, you probly shouldn’t try to implement JS especially if its OAuth and client side. Feel free to PM me screens if you prefer.


Alright i’m sending to images, one with the App credentials main view, and another with the API Key settings. BTW I dont’s see the Client secret in there


This is the cloud platform side of things… so in your app, under plugins, have you added the api connector? This is where you want to be… as OAuth user-agent. Now what is it you want to get? You mention the users email… what else are you trying to do with googles services? Then i can give you the settings you need and scope that best suits.


Good, I didn’t have API Connector so, I have installed it and selected Oauth User-Agent Flow. I just wanted the User’s Email for the moment. The system at these stage would be very simple and would just need these field as an ID later on.


Make your connector look like this, but add your client id and secret… follow the oauth instructions here if you dont know about it - How To: Google Services Client ID & Secret

Here is the scope:


Thnx mate, I’ll give it a go in a few hours,


well It didn’t go as expected but I think we’ve made some progress. The Google SignIn page loads but when you log yoursef in, a message pop’s up saying “This email addres is already in use” and it doesn’t shows the success group. In the Plugin settings, the following message caught my eye

I tried to run the app in the Live mode (because honestly I don’t know what they mean by runing the app in the “Run Mode” with the debug mode as “true”. That’s the only way i’ve been running my apps so far.

Moreover, if I hit “Initializa call” the following error message shows image

Any thoughts?


OK It works perfectly in the Live version but not in the development version. It’s a little anoying but I can live with that