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Healthcare and HL7 Protocol


Has anyone implemented a health care system to integrate with other existing health care systems using Health Level 7 (HL7) protocol.
I am developing a app for healthcare that would ideally retrieve data from and post data to an existing system. Is this even possible with Bubble?


I don’t believe Bubble can serve as a secure, compliant platform for health information, at least with US laws. Might vary for other countries, but many people have explored the route of Bubble and HIPAA compliance, and to my knowledge, no one has succeeded.


@andrew_bpco Thanks for this information. I am building this in Australia for Australian healthcare in the first instance but that does not mean to say it could not be expanded to other countries. This brings 3 questions

  1. Is there any Bubblers out there in Australia who are working with healthcare data?
  2. Very briefly - what are the compliance issues with HIPAA that Bubble can not meet?
  3. @emmanuel is HIPAA compliance on the future roadmap for Bubble?



We want to do this at some point as we know there is a need and a demand for it, but I can’t commit to a timeline quite yet.


Thanks @emmanuel. That is great. I will continue my journey with this app


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