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Hey guys i need some help


I have a couple of things i need help with. Please add me on discord so you can help me out at !Pyro#4203

  1. I need a way for users to pay with paypal and purchase something on my site without a person verifying
  2. I need a way for a feedback system to go through. A user can post feedback on the service they bought and other users can freely check that feedback.
  3. I need a way for 2 pages to interact (a customer page asking for support, and a support page awnsering the single customer only not all.)
  4. i need a owner panel to manualy assign roles, hand out bans, check support tickets, and check whether a user has purchased somthing.

Please help!


There are quite a few agencies and freelancers around, and you can find a bunch here:

What type of budget are you working with?


i only have 9$ im pretty poor hince trying to create a startup


You won’t get any offers from a real dev at $9. I recommend going through the Bubble tutorials and learning how to do it yourself. I believe Udemy has a bunch of courses on sale for less than 10 bucks right now. If I were you, I’d consider taking one of those courses with your money and getting to where you can build this on your own.


Nice, can you send me a link?


I think you will learn more from reading here then you will from udemy, if youre new dont try build a full app straight away, try some things, copy some example, learn by doing and exploring the platform.