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How do I assign parameters dynamically


Please I am very new to bubble. I would like to assign [xname] dynamically. How can I do this?
Xname is the authenticated github username.

Please provide screenshots because i am still learning how to use bubble.



@NigelG Please help me


You’re already doing it right. xname is now dynamic.

After you successfully initialize this call, when you go to fetch data from it bubble will present a dialog that will let you fill in the value that’s supposed to go in the xname key.

To initialize this call, you will need to put a valid value into the Value field you see there next to the xname Key in the API connector. (If you leave that value in there after initialization, that value will become the default value for this call. If you delete it, the default will be null.)

Once the call is initialized you will make the call happen in your app by:

  1. In any expression field, select Get Data from External API – you will see your call as an option there.
  2. Bubble will pop up a dialog where you can set the value of xname or anything else you’ve made a customizable parameter for that call.

That should get you going!


I’ve goten to this point. How to I set the (path), how do i make it dynamic