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How Do I Assigning Values to a List of Text?

Hey you most clever Bubblers…

I have a field which is a list of text. What format do I use to assign to it when doing a “create a new thing” action?

Text List set list ???

I’m working in an API, so don’t have the luxury of doing some assignments to a state first.

Or do I have to do three separate “add” assignments?

What format is this “list” in ?

Apple, Pear, Cherry ? or spaces ?

Hi @nigelG… I’m typing it into a create thing action.
Oh yes, I guess I can do it with your regex method.
Is that the only way you know of?

@neerja, do you know the answer to my question? It is a bit of a puzzle!

Oh I see, so you have three things coming back from an API that you want to put into three items in a list ?

Not quite… I just want to type the three things manually into the list of text when I assign to that field in the “Create new thing” action…


Oh that’s interesting… so if I do the three in the same action then they each get added to the list rather than the last one…

Yes, who knew :slight_smile:

You did! :slight_smile:
Thanks Nigel!

Not until 2 minutes ago :nerd_face:

You are a creative genius.
I’m still curious to know if there is a Bubblerific syntax to do it…

Yeah, it sort of worried me that it worked. And why it worked !

I’m guessing if you do that for an assignment to a non list item then the last one takes effect…
but maybe to any list item they all get added…

@NigelG that’s really interesting. I will never have thought this will work.
I’m now thinking if this is an unintended behavior or its by design to work.
Does it do the assignment in order or the order of assignment is arbitrary?

Yes @seanhoots, I am wondering that too.
I go and use it in the heart of my app, and then BAM a bug fix takes it away at some point in the future…

Yes you should verify with bubble first if this is intentional or just an unintended behaviour.

I think for now I will just do separate actions each with an “add”…

@neerja, can you help us with this? :slight_smile:

It does it in the order of the fields in the builder.

@antony if you have a feature request where none of the solutions like the ones described above like add, add list, or set list work, please send your use case to Support. Our engineering team can evaluate this request.