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How do I convert a list of one custom data type into a list of another custom data type?


Hi team!

In my app a user should receive a list of exercises based on his input.

I am stuck trying to attach a List of User Exercises (custom data type User’s Exercise) to my User.

The issue is: I receive the data as a list of Exercises (custom data type Exercise).

How can I convert this list of the type Exercise into a list of the type User’s Exercise? The type User’s Exercise is has a field of the type Exercise + a counter (see also screen shots below).

I attached some screenshots that show that the data types involved.

Custom Type User’s Exercise:

Custom Type Exercise:

Custom Type User:

Thanks for you help!



Hi @nicola.kegel :slight_smile: In order to create a new list of User Exercises, based on a list of Exercises, you would need to use the workflow “Run an API workflow on a list”. That would go down the list of Exercises, and create a new User Exercise thing for each one. I just set up a quick demo but am unable to run it in preview mode because my demo app is on the free plan and the “Run an API workflow on a list” requires the personal plan. Is your app currently on the personal plan? If it’s not and you want to stay on the hobby plan for now, I can show you a different way where you would click a button and create a new User Exercise for each Exercise manually (a bit more tedious). Or, if you are on the personal plan, I can go step-by-step in what the workflows should look like. Either way works of course!




Thank you so much Faye! I really appreciate how much effort you put into this answer! You just saved me days - I was finally able to solve the problem :smile: .


Aw! So glad to hear it’s working as you need it to! No problem at all, Nicola! :relaxed: