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How do I make a repeating group responsive to current markers show on map?


Hello everyone,

I am trying for days to implement an Airbnb-like repeating group / map setup with not much success.

Let’s say I have 10 markers displayed on my map at a given zoom value, and the corresponding 10 in my repeating group. How do I do to link my repeating group to the visible markers on the map, so it adjusts when I zoom in and out ?

Many thanks in advance !


Did you ever figure out how to do this? I am very interested in this as well.


Hi, I wish I could say I found a solution, because that would make the app much more user friendly, but I didn’t, I concentrated on other things.

Did you post something about that on the forum ? Maybe under “Idea” so maybe Bubble could consider developing the feature ? If yes post the link, I would voice it as well.

Last question, did you find out how to display more than the “title window” when you click a marker such as a group focus with info ?

There’s so much more to be done with maps…


Thank you for the response, Thomas. I did post something on the forum, but not under “idea”. Rather, I have an idea for arriving at the result you were seeking, or pretty close. If we could get changes in zoom in the same way that we can get changes in the center address of a map every time some clicks and drags the map, then the zoom could be used to calculate a radius to be used as a filter. So, I am on a quest now to use the html element in conjunction with the map to get the zoom. The only problem is that I cannot figure out how to use javascript with a map element drawn from the Elements section in the bubble editor. See here: Get Map view zoom value

Regarding a “title window”, this can be achieved like this: Create Popup When Map Marker is Clicked

It is a bit of a work-around.


Thanks for the links. I will go back to maps pretty soon, will keep you posted if I make some discoveries.