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How to add a button (or clickable text) in a table?


I am creating an application that allows users to make requests to other users. I have created a table to be shown in a users profile that allows them to see all pending requests but I have not figured out the best way to either “accept” or “reject” the request each individual request. Ideally there would be a button in the table next to all of the other data related to the request (description, who its from etc.) so that the user can accept and reject requests right in the table. Clicking the button would need to trigger a workflow to update the status of the record from pending to either accepted or rejected. Any insight on how to get this done would be appreciated!


Seems like you described it exactly how you should build it!

1- Create a data type as “Request”.
2- Create all necessary fields (ex: RequestAccepted?)
3- Create a repeating group to search for all requests
4- Add buttons to the cell for accepting or rejecting requests
5- Create a workflow from clicking each button to change the data of RequestAccepted?

That’s the basic way to go at it.

Depending on how your DB is set up, you’d need to link the requests table to something else. For example, you’d add a data field in your User table (type Requests, List of Requests).
Then for the repeating group, search for requests where the user=current user.

Let me know if you need any clarification!


That’s 90% of the questions here. People think I’m a jerk when I say, “Umm… Just do that.” Ah, well.

(But, in all seriousness, thanks for taking the time to answer this. :+1:)