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How to build paid membership site


I am new to Bubble. I have watched the videos, read through the manual and did the lessons. I would like to build a membership where users will be able to sell their services. They should be able to pull in their youtube videos with statistics

Each new users will have their own profile where buyers can see information on the seller.

I would also like to use split payments in case the seller wants to buy from multiple vendors. Also there won’t be a monthly membership but a percentage of each transaction will be charged instead.

Because I am new to this, I am still trying to figure out application logic. What is the best way to get started with this kind of project. It’s not an ecommerce site where it’s selling physical products but it will be a service where subscribers can sell ad space.

I am using one of the designs. How should I get started with this project? I am completely at a loss but I am eager to learn as much as I can,


So, if you’re completely at a loss as to how to start… You’re not ready to start (on the project you imagine). You’re going to have to start with some smaller goals.

Do you have ZERO experience with building web stuff? Or zero experience with coding/scripting/programming/drag-n-drop designing anything? If that’s the case, I’d recommend doing some more advanced tutorials such as the one that (I think) @dan1 has that gets you building a grocery list or to-do list type of app. (Also, since you’ve done the lessons, do them again in “hard mode.”)

Doing stuff like that will give you insights into very basic (but very practical) app design principles and what I call “doing basic web stuff.”

You might also read up on MVC (“Model - View - Controller”) apps which is exactly the metaphor that Bubble uses. The Database tab is “Model”, the Design tab is “View”, the Workflow tab (and Conditional tabs on elements in Design view, BTW) is the “Controller.” But all of that is sort of theoretical. If you already have a sense for how web apps work (but just never had the chops to build one yourself), you’ll find that Bubble has a ton of thoughtful features designed to get you going very quickly.

(Many of the questions here in the forum are about running into limitations of those thoughtful features and the answer is, invariably, “well, smarty pants, now you need to go learn how you REALLY do that.”)

If you DO have web design experience (e.g., you’ve built simple or even advanced single-user brochure-ware type sites using any sort of tool – be it a desktop tool or online services like Squarespace or whatever) you should be pretty darn excited by Bubble as it lets you do anything you could do with those static/single-user web design tools, but make a multi-user app-type version of that. And you’d already have a sense for how that might work.

It’s the multi-user / built-in database stuff in Bubble that’s the exciting part. Everything you build is magically multi-user and magically provisioned – it’s zero deploy time, right? Everything(ish) you need is already right there.

But if you have no idea how to get started, you need to see and do some practical examples of things to develop a bit of an innate sense for how web applications work. There may be good books about this. There may be decent sites about this.

But, mostly, I’d recommend learning by doing. There are some things you can get started on right away. For example, you want your site to have users who are buyers and sellers of… something. Ok, so you want user profile pages. That’s easy. Go build that.

Start a new Bubble project. Start with the template (this gives you the nice login/signup stuff all built into a friendly header that saves you a lot of time). Now go build out what happens when a User signs up for the site. Just make it a really simple onboarding flow. Collect the User’s name and email and a profile picture and some other relevant fact.

Get to the point where you can log in to your own site (you’re going to need this anyway). Now go build a profile page. Display some info about the User. Make a page that lets you GET to the profile page of a User.

You’ll learn a metric s-ton of stuff in trying this. (And, again, you will have to know how to do all of this anyway to achieve your production app idea.)

So, just go build a completely pointless app. It does nothing but lets people sign up and see other people that have signed up. There’s no functionality, only framework. So that’s a good place to start while you learn other things. At the end of that you’ll also have an idea for how you might build out product pages and the actual GUTS of the usable part of your site.

The good news is, once you’re cool with all that other stuff, adding subscriptions and payments and such is just incredibly simple.

I’m fairly experienced with programming all sorts of things (by which I mean not “coding web apps”, but algorithmic thinking and hacking all sorts of things), and what I started with in Bubble is tackling the multi-user thing (which, again, is one of the greatest things in Bubble as it’s mostly just automagic for you and, to my mind, the thing I’d never want to bother with building from scratch).


For convenience, posting the grocery list app video below. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your reply and I am definitely following your advice. I am actually building mini apps just to get used to application logic. I am a newby and I know I’m not ready to start building an app but I want to practice with how to build the different components in my app. I wasn’t sure how to get started

Thanks for your much valued input


Thank you so much for the reply. I will definitely check it out.


Hi Keith,

You had some great suggestions in this thread with getting started by attempting to build one piece of a membership site at a time. I like the idea of starting with the signup/login form (possibly use pre-built templates), and creating profile pages for users.

I am a little unsure of how to organize pages that would only be accessible while logged in, compared to pages that would be publicly available. Any videos or insight I might be able to check out?

Thanks for the help!


That’s actually fairly easy, isn’t it? Whatever pages are members only require you to be logged in for sure (as you can’t check membership against a non logged in user). Your “sell” pages, describing your service, do not require login. There may be a “free” level of service that gives something but not full access. Such pages are “in between” – you’d require the user to sign up/login to see them (their content is only available to logged in users, but subscription to the site is not required).

These choices are all dependent upon what your app delivers and what you need to do. You can look to thousands of other websites to get an idea of how such things are structured.

In terms of navigation to various types of pages, you can either have different ones for different types of users or just have one that’s universal – always the same. Upon navigating to a page that requires log in, require the user to log in/sign up. Upon navigating to a page that requires membership, require the user to log in. If they are on a members-only page, present them with the opportunity to become a member/subscriber.

Navigation is a universal issue. You can do it through menus or links on page or any number of different methods. Again, existing sites and services can be your guide. Pick an approach that you like!