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How To Define WorkFlow For Repeating Menu To Repeating Containing Group

Hello All

Really stuck on this aspect of a 6 item Repeating menu. Once clicked on any option it should open various details from a group of a repeating containing group

Here is the details I have so far



i think my workflow is wrong but don’t know where to start

In the words of the esteemed Montell Jordan, “This is how we do it…”

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thanks pal @keith ill give it a dabble! :slight_smile:

Hey @keith

Watched your video a few times and got even more confused. Problem I have is From a Menu Selection I have multiple group content that can be displayed dependant on selection which is from the database.

I have spent hours on trying to get it to work and now really stuck

I have the following





are you using display data?

hmmm no maybe that’s an issue to look into now. in the previous working template it was being passed from a repeating group menu using conditions on a group to display if that database option was selected

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