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How to Display Your Own Instagram Feed on Your Application


Updated photos below

Hi all, did some digging and saw some unresolved posts asking for help, so wanted to post a how-to. The below covers how to embed your OWN IG feed on your site. NOTE: This is an entirely different process from setting up a login for your users to let you access / display their IG feeds.

  1. Go to Instagram’s API page

  2. Create your developer account and set up your bubble app

  3. Once you’ve set this up, click “Manage” on your app:

  4. Click on the “Security” tab. Change the website in the “Valid Redirect URIs” to your website address. Uncheck the “Disable implicit OAuth” box. Click “Update Client” at the bottom to save.

  5. Take the below url and replace “CLIENT-ID” with the client ID Instagram lists for your app. Replace “HTTPS://YOURWEBSITE.COM” with, well, your website. Paste it into a fresh browser page and press enter.

  1. You’ll go to a URL that reads like the below with a lot of numbers/letters at the end. Copy everything after access_token=[copy this text]

  2. Set up a new API Connector call as follows:
    In the GET box, enter:[youraccesstoken]
    You don’t need any other info (headers, parameters, etc.) Test the call to make sure it works.

  1. On your app, create an RG. Set it up as follows. Type of Content is your API call with the word “data” on the end. Same exact name for Data Source.

Use standard resolution URL to pull the images.

And voila. You can Add text boxes below the images and pull captions etc. from the API.

More pics here:

Hope this helps!

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Jamie, thanks for this!

I was hoping to find something like this where my users that logged in with OAuth could see or display their IG feeds on the page.

Any insight on how the above process changes and if this is possible?


Hi there, I haven’t done this myself but there is a link to a YouTube video that shows a similar process for LinkedIn and Giphy. That will be a good place to start to see the general process. It’s in this chain: Get photos from instagram business profile