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How to: generate a list of dates given a start date, end date, and days of the week


Hi Bubblers,

If you’re building an application that involves recurring events or time slots, you may need to generate a list of dates that matches certain days of the week. We’ve put together a resource that will help you do just that. Just copy it into your app and connect it to your data. Shout out to @mishav for the Toolbox plugin, which is heavily used here.

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Create a List of dates in range on filtered by selected day of week

Thanks for this, it is really helpful and useful, especially for a scheduler app…I have successfully implemented it into my app, however after implementing I tested and couldn’t see Sunday being part of the list of dates.

I then went back to your demo and editor and see the same problem. For some reason when Sunday is selected it doesn’t show a list of dates…all other days of the week work fine ( I’m going to fiddle and try to find a fix…thinking out loud right now, it might be changing Sunday from 7 to 0?)



Yes, just checked…if in the workflow, the Sunday events on checkbox click the item number is changed from 7 to 0 it works correctly…this may be based on a users location or something (I’m in Thailand) and that may changed the recognition of days of week



Another thread that could be helpful for other users looking to create a booking application or a schedule or appointment system could have a look at

The user @DaveA created something that looks really great