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How to have multiple working options in a multidropdown & multidropdowns filtering each other?


Hi, I’ve built a basic search function but just want to know whether the features I need from bubble are possible to me before I jump in on a plan.

I already have a search which filters results based on a few metrics (with more to be added). The filtering currently works with one choice in each dropdown, as you can see in this image:

However, when I select two options from the same multidropdown, I no longer get any results:

Is it possible for the repeating group to display results that have either one of the options, or multiple from each dropdown attached to them? In my database I have a “Game” data type with the Platform, Release year, and Game mode filters being Fields under Game - all as lists of text.

Currently my search logic is pretty basic, once the search button is clicked it looks like this:

And the individual multidropdowns like this: chrome_2019-02-11_05-46-16

Additionally, as I plan to add one or two dropdowns which will have many (one with potentially upwards of 100) tags in it, is it possible that the dropdowns can filter one another based on which options remain from what has already been chosen? For example, if someone selects PC as a Platform, and 2015 as a release year, any options that already do not fit these filters will be eliminated - such as in the attached image example, all other game modes besides “Sports” shouldn’t be selectable anymore - and the relevant options can either be removed or greyed out from the other dropdowns. chrome_2019-02-11_05-40-11

If you can point me towards the correct documentation or any videos to watch to solve this that would also be great! Thanks a lot in advance!


Hi @rangerluke :slight_smile: Here is a very similar example which allows Users to filter results by Genre, Streaming Service, Rating and Release Year:

In your app, you could keep Genre and Release Year. Then rename the “Movie” data type to “Game”, and rename “Streaming Service” to be “Platform”. I think that should give you very similar results but let me know if not! :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot Faye! I’ll try setting it up this way and report back here :slight_smile: