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How to trigger actions when an input is blur (focusout)


I found a sequence who works but very ugly.

Design side:
– In the input appearance:
- Disable the auto-binding
- This element is not visible on page load

– In the Input conditional:
- When “This input is focused”
This element is visible

Workflow side:
– When <an_element> is clicked (button, text div, …)
- toggle the input
- focus the input
- set state FOCUS to “yes”
- set state SEQUENCE to “yes”

[Design side conditional]

– When condition is true ( run this every time, only when the input isn’t visible)
- set state FOCUS to “no”

– When condition is true (run this every time, only when FOCUS is “no” and SEQUENCE is “yes”)
- trigger the actions

I will try to custom a plugin unless someone has something is better