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How to use Blockspring's Plugin for Amazon Interaction


Hi there,

I’m a few weeks into Bubble, and I’m trying to integrate what I think is a very simple interaction that will pull in relevant products from Amazon (search), allow me to display pertinent detail to the user (lookup), and allow user to select from those products (create/add to cart). I’m using Blockspring to facilitate this API interaction as Amazon has super strict security requirements, and based on reading past threads, Blockspring is the only way to do this out of the box (for a separate fee) - I am currently using the trial version of Blockspring.

A few questions:

  1. Does search return an image? On AWS it shows they should reveal an image (Medium…), but I don’t see how this is mapped to the response, if at all. I’d like to pull it through and display in details.

  2. My workflow is such that one user saves relevant products (up to 10), and when another user accesses the thing to which those items are attached, the Lookup details should be queried and displayed. Is there a way to do 10 api lookups without scheduling a workflow? This is another paid feature in Bubble (max amount), and it seems like a lot of API calls - is there a better way to meet the same end? It seems important to do somewhat real time, as if I’m displaying prices, they could have changed since user 1 selected the items.

  3. When I go to manage my Blockspring settings in Bubble, I only see calls for Search and Item Lookup, but not Cart. If there’s no cart how does one set this up? Do other people have access to more “Amazon Products” Service?

Note: I’m using Amazon to facilitate eCommerce/commissions as the business model - I think Amazon is best based on who I expect my user base to be, and the breadth of the products they offer, but maybe it’d be easier to do this with a different service like Walmart.

Thanks so much for your help!