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How to use Print Pro?


Hi everyone, I bought Print Pro but I just can’t figure out how to use it!
I can see that it’s installed but it doesn’t seem to work (see the picture below).
But when I want to print something with it, it doesn’t appear in the menu (see picture). I only see the older plugin Print, but not all the features than the Print Pro.

Please, help me !!!


@gsger when @jarrad is on he’ll sort you out.


Thanks! I hope so!


Hi @gsger, You need to drop the Print Toolkit element down on the page your wanting the actions for, once you do this the actions will be available in “element actions”.

Element to use:

Then use element actions above the plugins section your looking in currently. Let me know if you have any issues. cheers


It works!!! Thank you @jarrad !!!

If it’s possible, I would like ask you if you could help me with printing (or to tell me where to find a guide/manual about this plugin if you don’t have the time for)
I need this toolkit for 2 reasons:

  1. to print all the orders of a given day (of a week). I would like to print SOME of the fields (not all) of a RG.

  2. I would like to print a template in which also will be a Header & Foot included. The fields inside the template will be coming from the database. For example: date/client/amount/box/etc…

Thanks in advanced!!!


Good to hear, Firstly I would point you in the direction of the updated demo. here you will be able to see it all from behind the scenes.


Hello @jarrad , thanks again for pointing me out where to look.
Ik would like to ask you for some help. I would like to print (like I told you in a previously post) all the orders of a particular day. The problem I’m facing right now is that I don’t seem to see how to do it correctly. The name of the RG is RepeatingGtroup Orders. Here an example of some fields i would like to print.
When I try to do this …
He only shows the first item of the list (obviously).

But when I try to do it like I think it should be, then we puts all the records like in one line.

Could you please help me with this!
Thanks in advanced!!!


Hi jarrad, I was wondering if you could help me with some problems…

  • Many times I have to print more than 50 lines and to do so, I use Step1 & Step2 (see photo below) to accomplish this because I can only print up to 30 lines in one page. When I print, the program generates 2 PDF files and because of this he prints 2 pages, but I would like that he print this in only 1 page (on both sides).
    Is it possible that Print Pro generates only one PDF to print with more than 1 page?

  • I also want to know if is it possible to add a for statement to generate each line (because right now I have to write each line ) and also if I he can gets de weeknumber automatically instead of me changing it every time.

Thanks in advanced,
Greetings, Gerardo


Hi @gsger, if you can hold out a little longer I think the up coming updates will more than solve this for you.


Thanks, i will wait then!