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I'm Freelancing Again! Lets Make It Happen



Dropped you a pm :slight_smile:


Hello Reese
i am new to bubble and i need help as i am halfway through the design of my web app but need a little more design and all functionality done can we discuss.


Great to hear! I’ll send you a message



I am halfway on developing my app… but i have a few design issues, and a few questions on how to do a few things…

May be a could use a few hours of your time.

Please let send me message to talk about it.



Hey Reese,

Looking for a freelancer to help us out on our Bubble app. Let’s chat.


Hi! My company is looking for a Bubble developer to build our app for us (we have outlined the basic design and functionality – it is a very simple app) and now we need someone to build it.

Message me and let’s talk! :slight_smile:


Please check PM


Please check PM


Hi Anna,

I’ll drop you a PM!


Hi!! I am looking for a freelancer to help us with our project. Can we chat about it?


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Hi, curious to know what you charge. Thanks!


Sure I’ll DM you!


I’ll DM you!