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IMPORTANT: If you are using SSL with Bubble, check your certificate expiration date!


Hi everyone using SSL–

We’re starting to see the first batch of certificate expirations coming up for the SSL certificates we include with professional plans.

In order for us to automatically renew your SSL certificate, you need to click a link in an approval email. The approval email does not come from us, it comes from “Comodo Security Services” (just like the approval email you got originally to set up the SSL in the first place). The approval email gets sent automatically 10 - 30 days before your certificate is going to expire.

We pop up a warning in the Bubble editor if your certificate is going to expire soon, and you have not clicked the approval email. However, if you don’t visit the editor, you won’t see this warning!


-If you are using SSL, please check your expiration date (instructions on how to do this via Chrome: Please set a calendar reminder to look for the approval email.

-If the expiration date is within 10 days from now, please look for an approval email, and if you can’t find one, email us at

-If your SSL certificate has already expired, you can get your site back on SSL by going to Settings -> Domain & Email -> SSL Encryption and clicking Activate SSL.

Apologies for the inconvenience here. We are looking into ways of doing renewals automatically so that you don’t need to do this in the future (possibly involving switching SSL providers), but don’t yet have an ETA for making this change.



Hi @josh

Does this still apply?

I just set up my SSL for the first time, and i was on the look out for approval emails (like advised in this post and others) but i didn’t get one and my site is now secure.

No need for approval emails anymore?

Just making sure i haven’t missed anything.



No, we now renew certificates automatically without you having to click anything. I’m going to hide this thread because it is now out of date…