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Improving Repeating Group Loading Performance


The very slow loading of a repeating group with over 100 records has been discussed before. Improvements on repeating group performance

Apparently, this is a known limitation.

However, I found it interesting that the warning icon in the bottom right of the Workflow Debugger did not suggest buying more capacity.

Is this because more capacity will not help load the repeating group faster, or is the loading speed of the repeating group not being measured?



What expression did you use for the repeating group’s data source? Database structure has a massive effect on search speeds. Also, what display type (full list, ext. vertical scroll, etc.) did you set for the repeating group? These things have an impact on a repeating group’s loading speed just as much as the number of items being displayed.



Search for, merged with another search for.

full list, which is needed


this doesn´t solve your problem from a loading speed perspective, but if you show a loading screen while the RG is loading, you can improve the user experience


I would surmise the issue is not necessarily the repeating group but more the fact that you’re doing a search merged with a 2nd search and then attempting to display “full list”… Try applying the same rationale and simply displaying the text field and see how quickly you get the results back… In many cases when things are slow we need to rethink from the ground floor up how we structure stuff in order to accommodate the requirement… And sure this very good reason you’re attempting to display full list but as I’m sure you know this is not ideal. Pagination is always a good option if your user case allows