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Inset dynamic data : url to internal page


I have come several times accross the same issue, so I think it could be a good idea to add a “Url to internal page” in the “Insert dynamic data” options.

The idea is to get the full url to an internal page, when sending a specific data item, and with specific parameters.
This could be used for instance for easily sharing dynamic content.

When inserting a “Url to internal page”, a dialog would prompt the user which internal page he wants to get the url, for which data, and eventually asking for additional parameters.

I know we could yet achieve something similar using “Website home url” and then manually completing the url with page name, unique id of data to send and other parameters.
However, this is not a good solution because:

  • If you change the page name, you have to manually change all the fields where you specified the url
  • If Bubble change the way data is represented in the url (now it is the unique id), you have to change manually all the fields
  • You cannot generate readable url as Bubble does
  • It is a pain to fill a field for a url with dynamic parameters

From my point of view (which might be wrong), it seems like a relatively easy feature to add but would definitly improve our user experience !




Would either of these methods would work for you?

Using a Link Element:
You can send data as a Parameter to any internal Bubble page

Or using the 's link option:
This is an example of a Text Element in a repeating group, where the URL of the Repeating Group’s item can be displayed (for pages that have a Data Type set to the Data type of the item)
You can also show this by Referencing a single piece of data and then using the Link option

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I did not know about the 's link option.
Adding additional parameters would be great too !

Thank you for the info :slight_smile:

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In fact, it is still not possible to have a dynamic field like “url to page…” for pages that have no type of data associated.
This makes it hard to maintain the website since changes of the name of a pages will not be updated when usig the currrently available option (“Website home url” and then manually completing the url with page name).

One simple usage case is if you have a text referring to two different internal pages (for instance the terms page and the privacy page) and you want to include links to these pages (used BBCode “url” tag).

It seems like an easy feature to add given what can already do bubble and would really improve maintenability

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I completely agree with this. The whole idea of menu’s within Bubble has been missed. A menu should be context driven so when different users of different permissions enter the system their menu changes accordingly. To do this, menu’s need to be context aware. The first part (loading the right menu) works with a repeating group in the header. The second piece however (taking the item that was clicked and feeding that to the “go to internal page” command is completely missing. Every suggestion seems to revolve around hardcoding the link to each page by saying “did the user click ‘blog’” and then creating a go to page command specifically for that action. Then another for the next menu item and so on. It should e easy for us to build dynamic menus that say “which menu item was clicked and where should we send the user when it is clicked”. I’ve tried many options around this but instead have just resorted to reconstructing the pageURL and using “send to external page” commands.

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Any follow up from the team at Bubble on this topic ?