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Introducing AirDev Canvas 2.0


Hi Bubblers,

Six months ago we released the first iteration of AirDev Canvas to the Bubble community. We’re very grateful for all your support and thrilled to see close to a thousand app and page requests processed using AirDev Canvas. With that said, we have also received a lot of feedback from the community on what we can do to improve the overall Canvas user experience.

To kick off the new year, we’d like to introduce you to AirDev Canvas 2.0 and share some of the new updates we’ve made:

  • Simplified dashboard page
  • More linear user flow
  • Improved documentation
  • More resources for builders

People use AirDev Canvas for two reasons:

  1. They want to create an app using one of our Canvas templates or add a new responsive page to their existing Canvas-based app

  2. They want to learn the best practices of building on Bubble

For 1, we were able to significantly streamline our canvas user flow and improve our modules and templates documentation

Under MY APPS, you will be able to view all of your registered apps in Canvas. You can create a new app by downloading one of our templates from the Bubble Marketplace (Canvas: App Foundation template and Canvas Rental Marketplace template) and adding as a collaborator.

Once your app is registered, you will be able to view your app details. You can choose to enhance your app by either adding a page to your app using Canvas Pages, updating your app colors, or hiring an AirDev Partner if you need help with building.

Under the DOCUMENTATION tab, you will see detailed documentation on building standards, template instructions, and page instructions. If you click on a page instruction, you will be taken to a page where you can see all the instructions for the modules you have added to that page.

Under MODULES, you’ll see all of our visual resources.These are modules that you can add to a page in your app via AirDev Canvas Pages. You will be able to view the instructions for all purchased modules.

For 2, we decided to consolidate a lot of our AirDev resources (building standards, educational widgets, hacks & tricks, external APIs, and javascript plugins) and move them to AirDev Canvas.

Under LEARN, you’ll see a lot of resources that are related to building on Bubble. These resources are completely free and are available for everyone to use. At AirDev, we use a very similar library for knowledge sharing and have found it to be a very helpful reference to have for our builders. We aim to release more of these resources in the near future and would love to eventually add the ability for users to contribute to this library.

Feel free to comment or reply to this thread if you have any concerns or questions. Happy building!

We’ve also released a few updates for our free Canvas: App foundation template (forum post link).



AirDev Canvas App v1.3
[AirDev Canvas Pages] New Expandable Group with Inputs
[AirDev Canvas Pages] Small Horizontal Scroll Repeating Group Module
[AirDev Canvas Pages] Sortable list repeating group module
[AirDev Canvas Pages] New Expandable Groups
[AirDev Canvas Pages] Two-Column Profile Page
[AirDev Canvas Pages] Drag and drop repeating group module

Looks great, going to be using for projects!



Hi Stephanie,

We recently built an app using the Canvas Rental Marketplace template. While testing as a seller, our test listing (it’s live) didn’t show up on the owner dashboard as a user (active or inactive) or seller (active or inactive). Also, the listing doesn’t even show up on search.

How do we fix this?

app is



Hi Lizzy,

Thank you so much for reaching out and apologies for the inconvenience this may have caused you. Let me send you a DM and let’s get this resolved together so the listing shows up! :smiley: