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Introducing AirDev Canvas - the free app foundation for your next Bubble project


@socratinho10 If you message me your email I can look into this. Since about 4 PM California time it has been working for all of our tests. Prior to 4 PM there were bugs (maybe since this morning?) that would have prevented it from working.


Hi Bubblers,

We’ve made another round of updates to the Canvas app and we’re excited to share it with everyone in the bubble community:

Canvas v1.2 updates:

Updated menu items (for desktop view) in the header

Added the ability to show/hide the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy documents in the footer or during sign up only

Brand new design updates to the portal page side menu. Added the ability for app owners to customize colors using @seanhoots’s Air Color Picker plugin (thank you again for creating this awesome plugin!) .

Checked “do not set cookies on new visitors by default” in app settings

  • As of May 2018, creating cookies in bubble is an expensive operation that substantially slows down server response times.
  • Cookies should NOT be set upon page load for any application. Cookies should be created either:
  • After the page is loaded (if cookies need to be set immediately)
  • When the first change to a user’s cookies is made (please see example below)


Wait: what’s this about cookies?


I created an airdev account.
Used the same email address to sign up as i did at
In AirDev i created a new app with the “Add” button.
I see the app listed in airdev under “My Apps”.

I don’t see it in, I don’t see an edit option in AirDev.
How do I start editing it?


Troubleshooting this issue. It seems to be working only some of the time. Our main account has ~200 apps on it, which might be affecting this and causing some bugs.


Fixed the issue - was due to some updates to the canvas app that will affect a major update (hopefully later this week!).

Thank you for the report! The canvas generator was down since last night but is now back up.


Just saw this message, Keith. Sorry about the late reply.

Turning off cookies on page load makes for a faster load for new users (who don’t have cookies set on them). This was a performance recommendation given to us by the bubble team.

Running an app with this setting requires you to opt users into cookies IF you’d like to save data about the users before they’ve created an account. This can be done via a bubble workflow action.



Interesting… Thanks for the additional info!


Looks good!
Thanks for all that hard work!


@keith @gautch

For sure! Thanks for using AirDev’s Canvas. Hope its helpful to both of you in building your apps!


Hey Bubblers,

Two exciting announcements:

  1. We’ve launched the ability to add custom responsive pages to your Canvas app - please see this thread for more details
  2. We’ve also launched the ability to update all of the colors in your Canvas application with just a few clicks - please this video for how to do that



Any galleries of example apps built with Canvas?


hey @derek1 - we have some examples on our site, here are a few of them:


We just released a new version of the Canvas App (version 1.3)! Please refer to the forum post here. Thank you!


Amazing, before switching to it and change domain.
Is is it responsive on mobile ?



Hi Jean,

Yes, is is fully-responsive! We just released the AirDev Canvas App for free in the Bubble Template Store. You can preview it here.



Can you please help me understand a little bit more about Canvas, This is what I learned so far:

  • Canvas Template only works with when it’s linked to AirDev server
  • To add a page, I must buy credits, Credits that I have to purchase (3 given for free)
  • I cannot transfer any of these pages to any other app and expect it to function correctly.
  • I cannot modify these pages directly in bubble


Hi @mohsen,

Thank you for your interest in Canvas! To answer your questions:

  • Canvas Template only works with when it’s linked to AirDev server
    The Canvas Template is a standalone app that is free for anyone to use. You can choose to either build on top of the Canvas foundation app by yourself or add visual layouts / pre-built widgets using Canvas Pages. The latter will require you to add to your app as a collaborator so we can add pages and groups to your app (using custom automation that we’ve built).

  • To add a page, I must buy credits, Credits that I have to purchase (3 given for free)
    We give users 3 free credits to start because we want users to try out Canvas Pages before they decide to purchase any credits. The standard page layout is free. We have three different credit packages that are available (basic, pro, enterprise).

  • I cannot transfer any of these pages to any other app and expect it to function correctly.
    These pages are most compatible with the Canvas template because 1) they use the canvas app styles, 2) some pages may refer to the canvas app database fields 3) they work best with the responsive settings in Canvas app. These pages can still function if you move them to another app but like any transfer of assets between apps, you need to ensure that the app you are pasting this page into has the same styles, database fields, and responsive settings. If not, you would have to manually reconnect everything to the corresponding styles and fields.

  • I cannot modify these pages directly in bubble
    You can definitely modify these pages directly in bubble. A lot of our users add pages to their apps and build on top of it :smiley:

Hope this helps!



Hi @stephanie @vlad ,

I have bought some Assets but when I want to create a new page with any of them, it shows me that I need some Credits again.

Can you help me with that?


Hi @byIR - yep, you should indeed be able to buy them once and then use them as many times as you need. We’ll take a look and get back to you via email.