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Is it possible to delete a list of uploaded files as a workflow action?


Hi All,

Just a quick question, could be a feature idea/request, but I am setting up an API endpoint to run recursively clearing up deleted photos users have uploaded, but later trashed. Anyhow, just wondering if there is a way to run the ‘Delete an uploaded file’ on a list of files in one action, rather than just a single item at a time.

Essential I’m after ‘Delete a list of uploaded files’ if it exists in some form or workaround?

I have a workaround on the endpoint so it all works & loops correctly, but would be nice to neatly contain in a fluid workflow set.




You can set this up as an API workflow on a list of files. The quick video below (no audio) will show you how to set up an API workflow to do it. (Just remember that you need to be on a paid plan to run API workflows).

Dan (creator of LearnTo - 15+ hours of Bubble tutorials and live coaching)


Much appreciated for the concise video there. Cheers.