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Is it possible to trigger a popup using BBcode?


Hi, I’d like to trigger a login/signup popup within a sentence. Is it possible using BBcode or some other method?

Here is the same question from 2016 … I’m hoping a cleaner method is available.



It isn’t necessary to use BBCode for this. Rather, you can have Bubble “listen” for a specific word to be typed. And, when that happens, for a certain workflow to run

This GIF will take you through the basic process of setting that up.

Dan (creator of LearnTo - 15+ hours of Bubble tutorials and live coaching)


Hi Dan,

Thanks for the response. I’m referring to a simple link in the middle of the sentence. For example, for a text element containing:

You must log in or sign up to view.

I want “log in or sign up” to be a link to show a login/sign up popup.



Somewhere here in the forums I posted a solution to this. … ah here it is: