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Issues with functionality on pages


So I have issues with a few things hopefully you know about CAD/MDT systems for Roleplay communities,

First issue:

When users logging into the site it does not load in. it stays on the login page

second issue:

When choosing a department after logging in the serve button is not clickable and when I got it to be. it would not send them to the department they have chosen.

third issue: On the civilian CAD I have a “TOW cad” button for them to click which opens a secondary page for them to be in service or out of service.

The button does not open the cad up.

fourth issue:

Along with the TOW cad I would like to make it possible for the dispatch to attach a tow unit to a call and it show up on the tow cad how would I do so?

Anyway possible you could help would be greatly appreciated.