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Layout style repeating group loading 1-2 seconds



When I setup my layout style for repeating group to be vertical scrolling the page does not take long to load the data. When I set the layout style to: Ext Vertical Scrolling, Full List it takes 1-2 seconds to load.

I understand that it takes time to load the data, however the main group’s height is affected during the load and this causes responsiveness issue for the first 3 seconds loading the page.

Please check


Would fixed height option solve this? I’m having similar issues with the menu on the left side. ( Solved it by making the background same color as the menu so it’s not noticed that the height changes when submenu’s are hidden.

Update: I added a second group under the cart group with the same background color. Small Hack :stuck_out_tongue:


App is set to private. Adjust and I’ll take a look.


Adjusted the privileges. Thanks in advance dan. Would love to have a solution for the height issue, because Im struggling also creating menu category dropdown’s (Height of the main group menu is affected also)


To confirm, since this is a checkout (or cart) page, I’d recommend sticking with full list. However, the number of cells that you have as a default is up to you. (Ie. if you have just one and there’s only one item in the cart, then your parent group wont stretch at all. However, if you had 5 then it will stretch if there was only 1).

I suggest playing around with that a bit to see if it gets at what you’re going for. (As well, may be worthwhile to move the other components you develop (Ie. what’s currently “Shipping Address” into its own group, so it moves a bit more freely from the content above it).

As well, for the time being, I recommend you create two versions of your header: one for mobile and one for desktop and have show/hide conditions accordingly.


Thanks for the advice. I have the same issue with the full list taking 1-2 seconds loading and affecting the main group height. Is there any option to make the height fixed at a minimum height?


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