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List item "is not in" other list


I’ve got a list of texts A, and a list of texts B.
I need a list of texts C which is the result of excluding any item in B from A.

list A = apple, banana, carrot
list B = apple, orange
list C = banana, carrot

There are list functions for merge (add the lists with no repeats)
list C = apple, banana, carrot, orange
and intersect (keep what is in both lists)
list C = apple,

It looks like there is a way to hack an “exclude” function using the filter. It’s just complicated.
list C: [list A] [filtered]
constraint: [list B] [doesn’t contain] [this text]
If the constraint is “true” the item will be included, if it’s “false” the item will be filtered.

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As you said, exclusion is missing for non programmer in Bubble (easy way).