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List of things that is text in a Repeating Group does not work!


In the database I have Events, an Event has Tags that is a list of text.

To show the list of Tags for an Event without comma characters and put each item in a cell in a repeating group I did it like this, which looks to be the right way according to the UI-builder, Responsive view and the sample view.

And the sample view looks right:


But then with real data all the items from the list of thing is in the first cell:


You can see that’s the case by the index number.

If each item in the list of thing would work as expected, then I could add more formating to each cell and a link.

Is this even possible, or is it a bug? This is normally a very trivial thing to do with code by iterating a map or array.


Looks like you’re saving the list initially to the first item only. I think you need to back up a few steps.

When you add multiple tags to the event in a single “make a change to event” or “create event” workflow, you should be using the “add list” or “set list” operator.

I don’t know what your event form looks like, but you might be using a multidropdown element to have the user select multiple tags at once, then once they click create or edit, you are running a Make a Change workflow. The Tags field should be updated like this:

Tags set list multidropdown’s value.

If you do “Tags add multidropdown’s value”, it’ll add the entire list as a single item because you’re telling it to add one thing.

Another thing - you don’t need to find and replace the comma. The RG setup you have is correct, and since the texts will be split across the cells, the comma will be gone.

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Hm, yes I use a multidropdown and do a Tags add. So that is probably the issue. I will try your solution by using set instead.

As I remebered it, it looked a bit strange when I used set, it added everything twice, so I used add instead…



Ah, this was strange I can’t use set list.

This is my input multi dropdown.

and my workflow, where I can’t use set list:

and in the db, tags is list of text:


Ok, managed to change the multidropdown in the workflow, it somehow was the wrong field (it’s a djungel of similar fields…).


Ok, solved! Had to find the right multidropdown. Changed the name of the input to find it in the workflow!

So now it works! Thanks for the clue.