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Looking for a partner(profitable niche)


Hi. I want to say sorry in advance if I post it not in the righ section and/or if its not allowed to post a partner searching on this forum at all, but i will give it a try!

I have my Instagram Marketing company where we do follow/unfollow for our clients and this way we bring them real & legit followers from their desired niche and location. For this they pay 70$ each month.

I also have a person who scrapers millions of instagram emails for me, i pay him for that. And by sending mass emails, like 200’000 and more emails daily im able to get 2-3 clients each day. Most emails go to junk, if it would reach inbox - i would get 10x more clients.

Problem is that i have not good knowledge of SMTP’s and mass emailing in general.

I used Sendgrid platform + woodpecker to send these emails and i got over 100 clients, but it costs too much $ and its not spam friendly.

The thing is that this idea is still extremely profitable and I would be willing to cooperate with someone who would find solution for spamming . I would take care of the rest: I would be getting scraped instagram emails, i would be set uping clients and etc.

I just need a person who could manage to get good smtp to send mass emails daily , its okay if not all email will go into inbox, with 10% open rate we still can get lots of clients by sending thousands of emails daily.

Please, contact me by PM if you could help me with this case!