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Looking for UK Based Potential Long Term Technical or Business Partner


I’m developing an app with Bubble targeted at a specific niche small business market. The app combines CRM, business management and accounting functions. I will launch the app early this summer, and expect to gain many hundreds of clients around the English speaking world in the next few years.

The wonderful thing about using Bubble is I can develop and market the app all by myself. The challenging aspect of this is that my business doesn’t look very solid and reliable with only one employee. A challenge I expect many Bubble entrepreneurs face!

Therefore I’m wondering what to do about this. I’m entirely self funded… I have enough income from other sources to sustain me through the development and launch, but no more right now to pay anyone else to be involved.

So, I’m looking to team up with an experienced Bubble user to try and overcome this circumstance. In the short term, I can’t offer any specific work or income. What I could offer is a mutual support and sharing around the development of our respective products, and to be associated with your product as you come to market in return to you being associated with mine.

In the longer term, as we get to know each other more and I have a product income, then things can grow. There could be the opportunity for employment or partnership, depending on how things work out between us. There is also the possibility that something unforeseen happens to me and you get to take the business over to keep all my clients supported. Who knows what the future holds!

I am based in the UK - currently in Cornwall - and I would prefer this relationship to be with someone UK based.

If this interests you, then please send me a private message and we can talk some more!

Best wishes,