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Material Plugin


Hello Bubble users! I didn’t quite know what category to choose for this, so I just chose to put it here because it is an idea that I am working on. Keep an eye out on the bubble plugin store because there may be a new plugin in town soon! We know that material design is amazing, and you want it as much as us. So we are developing a plugin that will allow you to use it along with us! Again, keep an eye out for this:




This sounds like an interesting plugin. I’m sure it would speed up development as it could considerably cut down on time spent designing.

Are you working on it still? Or has it already been loaded to the plugin store?



@boston85719: Well, it’s already in the plugin store as “Material Button Ripples” because I couldn’t quite figure out the other elements. So my plugin will add Material Ripples to all of your buttons on your site!

You can find it here:



I just added it to my app. Do you have any example editor with it in use?

I added the element to the page. Set click location to “yes”. Then I added a button to the page, but I don’t see a ripple effect on click of the button.

If you don’t have an editor example could you provide a quick run down on how to use it?




Yes, thanks to @J805 creating a DEMO page for it, we do. You can test it here:

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Ok. Great I see that it doesn’t work for firefox or safari, but it does work in google chrome and I set it up correctly in my app on first try.

Thanks for the free plugin it, and for making it easy to use.