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Maximum characters


I need to limit the maximum characters for an input field to 1. I checked the maximum character box, set it to 1. This works just fine on a desktop, but does not work on a mobile device.

Any ideas?



@larnelhight, welcome to Bubble! To confirm, you’re using the content format of “text” on the input? (Your setup looks like the screenshot below). As well, are you using any plugins that might interfere?

One small thing to make sure (I’ve fallen for this before). When I test on my mobile device, I may forget to access the /version-test and end up looking at the /live version of my app. A minor thing, but good to double check.

I just tested on iOS Chrome and seems to be working as intended.



Thanks for the reply dan1. I figured it out, it wasnt actually a problem. I was testing on an android and I just tested on an ios device, both chrome browsers. They handle the max number limit differently. Just for future reference, iOS stops you from typing any additional characters, while Android allows you to continue typing. The browser then removes the additional characters once you tap on to the next field.



@larnelhight - that’s a really great insight. Hadn’t noticed that from a UX standpoint before.

I’ve been an Android user for years, but switched to iOS. Really tempted to get an Android device for testing purposes.