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I felt a need to make a new post about this as the other two posts I found discussing the issue are closed and I can’t reply on them.

I added the links below.

But first, I need to post this because I just spent ten minutes frustratingly trying to figure out why my group focus wouldn’t listen to my commands (respect my authoritai).

What I found to work well so far is to place a custom state onto the icon that is being used to click and show/hide the group focus.

Then put together workflows like so…these are meant to change the number from 0 to 1 in order to signal that the group focus is visible or not visible.

This approach works…and it only took me 10 minutes of questioning my sanity to get it to work…I literally couldn’t figure out why all the other commands I created wouldn’t work.

Anyway, wanted to help others not lose their mind as I had. Hope it helps.

By the way you can make a reusable element that is only an icon with a group focus to use inside of repeating groups. I found a thread before on the topic (sorry for not posting a link).