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Mercado Pago Plugin Development (Brazil Payment Gateway)



I am looking for someone to develope a Bubble Plug-in to interact with Brazilian Payment Service Mercado Pago.

You can find the full documentation available at I am looking specially to MercadoPago Connect option.

Please, if anyone accept the challenge, please provide values and schedule.



I believe i can help you out with your requirements. Please add me on $kype: cis.troy so that we could discuss it more.

Troy W.


We have built this plugin and it’s published on Bubble. Please take a look here:

Levon Terteryan
Founder @ Zeroqode & Bubblewits
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Você conseguiu o api com o mercado pago?


Sim, este plugin é uma conexão de API ao Mercado Pago

Yes, this plugin is an API connection to Mercado Pago


Which application you use it now? Would you please post the link?


For example we used it in this application built for our client


Yes, I know your API works for Argentina. MercadoLibre and are different companies.
I wish you guys to do the same for .br


judging by the logo it’s the same company - they just have different web-sites for each country. So the API basically should be the same. But you can reach out to them and ask


Hey @henrique.a

Have you found a way to interact with Brazilian Mercado Pago? Have you tried to use the existent Mercado Pago plugin that levon referred to?

I’m building a platform in Brazil and I really need to use a payment gateway that can proccess payments here. I’m a bit lost, since Stripe is running on beta (with limited participants) in Brazil and Paypal isn’t a viable option for my kind of users.

Please, let me know if you’ve been able to solve this.


Hey guys, I’m in the same boat now. I need to process payments in Brazil (with the upcoming problem that I’ll need to accept payments from other countries in 2019 already) and would like to know if the existing MercadoPago plugin (ZeroQode) or Paypal (Copilot) did the trick for you. Did you have success using them on Brazil? Are any of you receiving recurring payments? If none of you got it, I’ll set up some time in January with my folks from Ebanx and solve this up.

Best regards and nice holidays.


our MercadoPago plugin may not be very easy to integrate but it will be still less time than building from scratch.

Levon Terteryan

Founder @ Zeroqode


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Bubble Courses

Convert Web to iOS & Android

No-code Development Services


With all due respect Levon, but as the demo in the plugin page is not working and with low review, I’m not in the mood of paying to try it out if the others didn’t succeed in using it, this is why I’m asking here or analysing more options.


the problem is that the plugin was built some time ago and seems that Mercado Pago changed something in their api. and their support is terrible, we had to just use trial and error in order to figure out how to make it work for our client. Now we can’t afford to spend tons of time on this, so if you can get in hold of someone from their support and assist us with getting answers then we can try to fix this plugin. otherwise you’ll go the same way with another developer but they will need to do it from scratch instead of just finding a minor issue. I can confirm that we have managed to integrate Mercado Pago for one of our clients a while ago and then built a plugin from that integration.