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Minor change to submission flow for templates


Hey guys,

We’re making a small change to how templates should be submitted to the marketplace for approval.

  1. Before. when a template (or a new version of a template) was submitted, we were using the live version. So effectively, template authors had to deploy to live and then submit at

  2. New. you don’t push to live anymore from the editor. Instead, you work on the development version of the app, then when you submit the template for approval, we save a version of the development version of the app and the database, and once the team has reviewed it, it’ll be copied to the live version of the app/database. In other words, you don’t push to live anymore, we do this for you as the newer version is approved.

When an app is created based on a template, it’ll be using the approved version of the app and the database.


Sounds easier, thanks!

Levon Terteryan

Founder @ Zeroqode


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