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Multiple Parameters in Page URL?


Hi there! I have a function where one user can sign another user up, this triggers an email to the new user that says click this link to sign in. I assign a temporary password to the user user the built in bubble feature, but I want to send multiple items to the welcome page in addition to the temporary password. In the screen shot I am trying to send the new users first name “first=” the temporary password “temp=” and email “email=”.

My first attempt was 1 ? after the page name and before the first =. My second attempt was separating the parameters with spaces. My third attempt was separating the paremeters with ?'s as pictured below.

The data is only displaying in the first input which is where the email goes and the other areas that are supposed to get date dfrom page url are not picking up anything.


Hi @freehold2018.

The entire set of URL parameters begins with a question mark, and then each subsequent parameter is separated with an ampersand…so


And make sure to use for :formatted modifier with URL Encode for any value that contains characters which are not valid in URL’s.


awesome!!! Thank you!!!


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