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Munster One Page Dashboard


Meet Munster – a beautiful one page Dashboard designed to skyrocket your Bubble Back-End.

  • Responsive Dashboard ready for your app’s data
  • CRM (manage contacts)




one thing… some of that text doesnt look centered :confused:


Hi Lockym, Would you kindly tell which text you are referring to?


the page views, clients and sessions seem a little off to the right


Thanks for the sharp eye, i just deployed a fix and should be fine now. I appreciate the feedback.


Looking good! Good job.


Hi accommole,

I made a background rounded with 100 and set it to not visible during page load. Then I played with workflows When page is loaded > animate background image, set the duration to i believe 250ms.

I hope it’s clear?


Hey @Codeables, this is pretty sweet! Thanks for sharing.

I did notice, though, that there’s a recurring error in the console when inspecting the home page with Chrome. The console indicates a report has been sent, but I thought you’d want to know.


Thanks! Can you share a screenshot of the error?




I will send this to Bubble to check, thanks for the feedback.


What is the Dashboard really for?


The main focus for this dashboard is to save other Bubble users time by providing a responsive dashboard with a contact management page and to get beginners familiar with some basic fundamentals in Bubble.

Around 10 hours has been spent to create this theme. Beginners can learn how the animation, conditionals and workflows are set to create such a theme.

Hope the answer is clear


Thank you for sharing! Big help in the learning curve!!!


Glad to hear that it helped you :wink: