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My Experience with Fulton Designs & Ryan00#7213


Hey there, everyone!

My name is Harry Pearl, and I work for a company called Retron Web Services. Recently, I learnt of Fulton Designs, and, curious, decided to join. I have to say, my experience was absolutely appalling, and the worst sort I have seen in a CAD/MDT “company”.

First of all, I was put on a 2 days mute for tagging support team once, after no one wanted to help me with my ticket. In all fairness, they did respond to my question but refused to give me a demo from a link for unkown reasons. I decided to tag them after 2 hours of no response, even though staff were active, in the chat too.

Later in the evening (I’m in GMT), Ryan posted a link to a new CAD/MDT he had ‘made’ with his team. He also stated that all CAD/MDTs he sold he either had reseller rights to or had made. After checking out the link, guess what! Yep, stolen CAD. He’d forgotten to remove the old branding from the company who stole it before him.

My worst part of the experience was when Ryan then threatened to write a Bubble forum post about me stealing members and send it to other companies, banned me from his server for “backstage recruiting”, and was just disrespectful.

Unfortunately, I have lost some evidence as I was banned from the server, but have kept an amount sufficient enough for justice.

Harry P.

Discord ID: 525791498260840455
Discord Username: Ryan00#7213 (This is the same Ryan from Time Takers)





Wow. Someone needs to take some action against these guys.


@harryp That was not developed by me that cad was sent to me by Mr Atkins (Aka Gage) who claimed it was his. We did not know that had the actual company we tried contacting Mr Benjamin but he must have me on blocked, we needed to report that, this cad will not be used in our community again we did not know that it was from SEI till you reported it thanks for reporting it to us.

Sorry for any inconvenience
Fulton Designs Team


The post above is a lie Harry.




@xperttechnologiesinc My above post is not a lie sir, we have try contacting benjamin a couple of times, also your cads are stolen from TTM Tech. That cad above has been deleted and reported to SEI.

Evidence @xperttechnologiesinc cads are stolen


Really, huh? Because when I contacted you, you weren’t as apologetic. Instead you blocked me, banned me from your server for something I never did, threatened me, and now you wanna bullshit here and act like you’re so professional? Yeah right.


And you have the audacity to point out other servers? Dude, just fuck off.


Sir, you was disrespecting a member in my server which is not allowed. You may come back in 30 days.


How, where’s the proof?


It was in a private message with a member then you deleted the chat.


@timetakersenterprise Ryan They are not stolen. You also sent me stolen CADs from TMM Tech. Idiot.


@timetakersenterprise I am also in your server. It was not deleted or even sent.


That’s bullshit. You banned me for ‘backstage recruiting’, not disrespecting a member of staff. We all know you’re scammers and thieves.


@harryp What’s your discord?


There are definitely stolen, and wheres the proof sir.




@timetakersenterprise - don’t try to go off topic here, just because you’ve been caught. You’re an idiotic, stupid thief who got caught, and is just making up bs to cover his tracks. Pathetic.



Also according to bubble fourms “SEI CADS ARE STOLEN” so I need to know the creator of that cad.