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My idea of the bubble, how to do it?



Interested in your opinion. I like bubble platform very much, but I don’t have skills in programming and building a database, but there are many ideas for implementing startups. Where better to start to study construction of algorithms inside the bubble and work with databases? For example, I want to make an admin panel for my business and I have a frontend, but I do not know where to start implementation. I would be very grateful for any advice and the opportunity to learn how you started with the bubble.



Check out: :+1:


:wave: Hey!

Welcome to Bubble! Glad to have you with us. I would suggest just playing around with it. Have an app you want to make and just try it. Look at the free templates and how they work, use the forum and check out the tutorials. Make sure you go through all the trainings too.

I would also suggest trying to copy a website that is already successful like Yelp, Google, or any other app that does almost what you want yours to do.

Also check out NoCodeMinute which give several tips and also will provide tutorials for free.

Hope this helps. Don’t forget to search for any questions on the forum and if you can’t find an answer than you can just ask. If it’s an easy question you can get an answer pretty quick normally. :+1: