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Native app url scheme not working



I’m working on an ios app and on my bubble app I have 3 buttons that redirect to url scheme to open other apps.
It works when i click them using safari but not using my webapp

any idea why ?

thanks for your answers.


iOS has a system for registering URLs schemes as well. Some URL schemes, like “http” and “mailto” are reserved by Apple to point to their own Safari and Mail apps, but apps installed from the App Store can register to handle other arbitrary URL schemes.

  • Check your registering part of the URL as the scheme. The bit of the URL before the first colon is the scheme (http or https typically). To use a custom scheme you need to make up a new scheme for the URL and output that URL.

  • Tests"canOpenUrl", canOpenUrl just checks whether you are allowed to open the URL. It’s my guess that your app doesn’t work because it doesn’t have the permissions to open that URL.

  • Check the URL Scheme is deprecated or not.