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Native MOBILE app - like cheap or FREE 📱 with FREE & Unlimited PUSH notifications! 📬


Have you tried any other webview wrappers? Wondering how this wrapper compares to other options like the pricier GoNative.


I bet they do the same thing but just charge you a lot of money for it… I should make it donation based and share my btc account LOL.

I’ve done this before for some other projects, not by using SuperView, but intelXDK with cordova. I’d suggest you stay away from intexdk, it was really buggy.


I tried a variety of things. Safari and Chrome browsers. Downgrading the plugin to the first version and then upgrading again. Restarting browsers. No luck. Weird.


Sorry just to clarify you can create a bubble app with multiple pages and using your method above it can be made into a native iOS app.??
Sorry I’m not very experienced and am yet to learn a lot of what has been discussed above and what it means


Yes, exactly.
You don’t have to be sorry for not having experience. You could however search for the terms on google and see for yourself what it is. I mean there’a difference in not understanding something, and being lazy to see for yourself.
A web view will allow you to load bubble in a something similar to a browser. But that browser doesn’t have a tool bar, or navigation tools. It will only display the page that it loads.
So by doing this, and only this in a native app, you will have app icon, launch image (splash image), so there you have it. Your app loads what you did on bubble. You don’t even have to buy a domain name, you can use the free subdomain bubble provides, nobody will know. Unless they sniff the traffic and see what URL it’s loading, but… c’mon. Who’s gonna do that?
You can display ads in that app, since it’s native, you can have in-app purchases, etc.
Try to avoid things like phonegap, intelxdk and similar. They make this native wrapper, but they will also use some other plugins, and that translates to heavier app, slower loading times, and you don’t want your app to be like 30-60MB in the app store. That’s a pretty good game in that size.

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask. It would be appreciated if you’d google it first though (it’s better for you also, it will stick to your brain faster, rather than just have the answer given).


This is a helpful discussion, thanks for starting it Andrei.
We have tried using Android Superview for a few of our apps built on Bubble and noticed that they are working slower than in the browser and compared to other webview alternatives like (which however lacks some functionality that superview offers)
Did you notice the same or it works fine for you ?

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I haven’t tested on Android, only on iOS and it’s one of the most powerful devices they have 7+ (still waiting for X :sweat_smile:) but I also tested on 5 and 6 and it is indeed working slow.
I thought it is from bubble, since on laptop as well in the editor starts to work slow when I am working for a few hours now without refreshing the page.
I will test on a Samsung and Huawei device and come back with the results.
If the problem persist I suggest we tell the creator about the performance issues.

I will however create a plain webview without any other plugins in it and test that also.
I’ve upgraded to professional plan on bubble which made my editor faster, but it still lags as hell sometimes, like I click a tab or an element and I wait… several seconds.

If it will work faster on plain webview then I will try to create it from scratch using OneSignal SDK and mobile ads SDKs.


My app seems to run a bit slower in Superview on iOS also. I have not tried the android version yet, so I cannot comment on that.

The Onesignal push notifications seem to work very fast.
However, I have many groups with visibility conditions based on changes to user info in the Bubble database. Specifically, these changes seem to take longer to be reflected in the Superview iOS web wrapper than in my app running in Safari.


you can check your app logs, if you don’t see that your app hits the max capacity and you don’t receive any warnings by email it means that it’s slow for other reasons not for the server capacity and upgrading to professional or buying additional units won’t help…


I’ve noticed that when I have multiple files opened like two different apps (same pages) each in its own tab or the same app but different pages, it will start lagging so hard that I can’t even work on it.
It can’t be from my working station, that I know for sure. I will check the logs.


You can check your computer’s performance here
we’ve noticed that in order for the Bubble editor to work well with heavy apps the score should be more than 20-25K

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It’s okay 34K.

L.E. but if 20-25K is needed for one editor, that explains why it lags when I have two or more opened.


Thanks mate,
No stress, you can be assured I’m in full learning mode. I’m a plumber who has learnt bubble enough to almost make a working app in just over a month. Ive has lots of getting stuck, reading forum and the such. I’m trying to get my head around bubble and app creating as a priority so where this is something that I will use in the future, I wanted to at least know it (your way of making a native app) was doing what I thought it is intended to do before I started looking harder at it. I also work full time and therefore have less time to muck around with things that I may not ever need. Saying that, this sounds great, I reading about the other way of making a native iOS app and it was limited to the one page and also I read it doesn’t support Oath. My app will work alongside another app that has an API and SDK and I planned to plug it in as such.
SDK and api I only really know what they are but not too much how they work, as again I’m making sure I can get far enough with bubble before I approach the developer of the parent app.
So my next question is and I’m pretty sure I know the answer but producing an app this way will allow me to use Oauth, correct?
Also will I be able to send information to my app on page load, my understanding is I will but I want to ensure I’m correct?
Thanks for the help in advance


everything that you do on desktop, you can do on mobile. The web view will only load the website. Everything that is happening (except ads, push notification displaying) is happening on bubble, not inside the app.
Otherwise, you would have database only in bubble and design in mobile app.


Everything compiled for me and OneSignal Player ID’s are working. Now I’m stuck on a seemingly silly problem. I have separate pages for my Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for users to view before they Sign Up. I also have a link to the Stripe Connected Account agreement.
The External Stripe link works fine, but my links just show a white screen briefly and then return back to my native app page on iOS.
I’ve tried the links and internal links and external links and opening them in a new tab and the same tab. Nothing works. However, I linked to a page in one of my other bubble apps and that link worked as expected.

Anyone else encountering similar problems?


I don’t follow. Sorry
Can you show me some pics? Or a recording on the phone?


Hi @mvandrei thanks a lot for the detailed documentation!

I’ve now installed SuperView on my Android phone through Android Studio, and have changed the target url to my Bubble web app - The page is loading up fine, however none of my dynamic text is showing (although all my static text and also dynamic images ARE loading and showing up).

This is not the case on browsers - on both web and mobile browsers, my dynamic text is showing up just fine.

Has anybody else had this happen to them too? Might anybody have an idea why this might be happening?

Thanks a lot in advance for your help!


You’re welcome.
As for the loading, I don’t see anything wrong with it.
Sorry for the late reply.


Thanks a lot @mvandrei for your prompt reply. Indeed, I just got Xcode up and running on a macOS virtual machine on my Windows 10 computer, and all the dynamic text is showing up just fine.

Where there is still an issue is with the Android version of SuperView… I understand you mentioned you’re not familiar with Android Studio; if you had to guess, what might be causing the Android version of SuperView to not display my dynamic text?

I’ve also emailed Dragan, the creator of SuperView, and am awaiting his reply.


I really don’t know. It could be from the fact that it takes too much time to display it or there’s a bug in java… I have no clue, and I’m sorry I can’t help you more.