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Native MOBILE app - like cheap or FREE 📱 with FREE & Unlimited PUSH notifications! 📬


Thank you. For some reason I’m still getting an empty value for the JavaScripttoBubble. Any idea?


please continue this topic only on the other post, this is for mobile!


For the part about helping one app/week to publish on your account so people dont need to purchase developer accounts does this include the apple developer thats $99?


yes, it does


Hey Mvandrei, Thank you putting out such a detailed documentation. Helped a lot.

I have setup the notifciations for web[desktop] and its working perfectly.
However I couldn’t get the Push notifications to work if opened in Mobile chrome browser.
I followed all the steps mentioned in the instructions.
Can you please help me or let me know where I am going wrong?
I don’t have my app wrapped in a webview. Its open through the chrome browser.

Thank you.


Hey, Can I setup push notifications if I don’t have my app wrapped. I am using chrome browser on my mobile to access the app?


you need to create a mobile app, you can’t use the mobile browser like on a laptop/computer (desktop) version.


Thank you for sharing this.

Can you help me with the javascript to get the playerid in bubble? I have wrapped my app into superview. I just need to get the playerid in bubble so that I can send individual push notifications.

Thank you.


what exactly do you need?
Do you want mobile AND web push notifications?
I’ve shared the solution a few posts above.
If you can’t do it, I’ll try to help.


Hey mvandrei,

I’ve followed all your instructions, but I am having trouble figuring out how to make data types and fields relevant to open signal.

I’m also having trouble configuring how the app looks --> it keeps the Superview logo when i launch the development app and i’m trying to get rid of it.

Is there any way I could add you as an admin to my bubble app to try and help me with those data types and fields and then idk how to configure the app design to get rid of the Superview logo/ branding


Hey @aidan, yes you can add me
sorry for getting back to you so late.


Is possible to load a fixed width web??

The problem is that the responsive feature of bubble doesn’t support some dynamic elements, so it is a nightmare to obtain a great design across every screen. Instead i have designed my app in fixed width (for phonegap) when i open it in a normal browser, either it is zoomed in or out, i would like to fit my width in the screen, it is possible???

Thanks for all you have done @mvandrei


@ccgcarrascosa disable cache in Superview and dynamic content will load flawlessly


the problem is not loading the dynamic data, the problem is to make dynamic element as repeating groups responsive. which is something not supported by bubble.

the question is, is it possible to load a fixedwidth app, so when it loads the zoom make it fit the width of the screen


My app is sized for mobile devices only, what is the tablets you mention? can you explain sometihng or point me in the right direction please @mvandrei



I just added you and will email you my Onesignal Account details so you can view the correct app ID’s


@ccgcarrascosa what I meant is that on phones can look different from tablets so you need to check that before publishing.


@aidan it looks fine.
Th e only issue is that you are trying to get register it before the user is logged in. Move all the actions on the page that is visible, after login and only if logged in.


Could you check again and see if I fixed it?

Also did you get a chance to login to my Onesignal account?
–> Reason I ask is because I don’t know If i setup the app id’s / keys correctly

-------> I emailed you the login username and password for my onesignal account

Thanks so much!


I’ll have a look again now.
L.E. It’s a flaw in your app’s design. The user cannot login, so this is the reason it won’t register OneSignal ID. Also you need to login from mobile, from SuperView or other webview that has OneSignal setup.