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Native MOBILE app - like cheap or FREE 📱 with FREE & Unlimited PUSH notifications! 📬


Did you get a Chance to take a look at my app again to see if I fixed the issues on the bubble app and also my OneSignal Account?


Hello All,

Did anyone succeed in making the push notifications work for Android devices?(Superview).

I have tried every single way mentioned in the posts above, none of them works.
I can send mass notifications, but I am not able to get the playerID in my app, which is required to send individual push notifications.

I have been stuck on this for so long. Any help will be really appreciated.

If anyone is willing to help, it can be a paid work too.


I’m having trouble changing the name in Xcode from SuperView to my app name

any suggestions?


Make sure you are in the ‘folder’ view. Click the top directory ‘SuperView’. In the middle pane there is a top menu. Click ‘General’. Change the name under ‘Display Name’.


Does anyone know if you can get the superview wrapper to communicate with the native part of the app? I think this is called cross-window communication.

Basically I’d like to connect a button in my bubble app to an action/event in xcode/android studio. For example, when the ‘record video’ button is clicked a camera permission request fires.


Well, thats just great! Spending days getting the app ready to submit only to be rejected!

Guideline 4.2 - Design - Minimum Functionality

Your app provides a limited user experience as it is not sufficiently different from a mobile browsing experience. As such, the experience it provides is similar to the general experience of using Safari. Including iOS features such as push notifications, Core Location, and sharing do not provide a robust enough experience to be appropriate for the App Store.

Please see attached screenshots for details.

Next Steps

To resolve this issue, please revise your app to provide a more robust user experience by including additional native iOS functionality.

If you cannot - or choose not to - revise your app to be in compliance with the App Store Review Guidelines, you may wish to build an HTML5 web app instead. You can distribute web apps directly on your web site; the App Store does not accept or distribute web apps.

For more information about creating web apps, refer to the Configuring Web Applications section of the Safari Web Content Guide.

For a description of the HTML elements and attributes you can use in Safari on iPhone, check out Safari HTML Reference: Introduction.

The app looks great, has a very native app UX and UI feel to it. It uses push notifications, it accesses the camera to directly record video and images in the app. What else do they need? Sucks :frowning:


Thats no good. Did it get rejected when you submitted it for TestFlight or was this only for the “official” submittal to the App Store? I’ve uploaded my app twice for Test Flight and haven’t had any problems. However, I still haven’t requested full availability.

Your post has me worried.


I hope they just didn’t get the fact that the notifications are personalized.

I have never seen the option in web to subscribe to personalized notifications. My notifications are also tasks.
Maybe I need to emphasize this more. But now that they concluded is a wrapper I’m afraid they will reject regardless


Does anyone know if you can get the superview wrapper to communicate with the native part of the app? I think this is called cross-window communication.

yes, you can. This is what we are doing with the JS code and bridge that you paste in workflow to get the ID from the wrapper.
It can work the other way around, you are just loading a website and can get data inbound and outbound.
As for your request, search for iOS/Android access HTML camera and you should get plenty of examples.


Well, it happened to be before on stupid things.
You have a chat like portion in iTunes Connect. Go and grab them by the … bites.
Tell them that you have the recording part of the app that is NATIVE, you cannot do that on browser to record with what, the desktop’s missing camera? Be thorough. Tell them that you pay them not the other way around, the 99$/yr developer account and that you demand your app top be re-evaluated. If you don’t use your desktop version of the project, make a landing page as index put it with download buttons for apps from AS and GS and the apps to load the index2 as the main page that is only accessible from mobile apps. If the apps load index2 by default, the desktop users won’t have the option to register from non-mobile app.


AS and GS?

In theory you can record a video through ziggeo through a mobile browser but its very clunky. There is definitely an added value there for an app.

I think there is plenty of native functionality to leverage.

Upload video and images
Get personal push notifications and tasks ("please upload this file, “please sign this document”)

Another functionality I could leverage is the use of QR codes. We create sticker sheets with information and a QR code that is used to label inventory. You put them on boxes and crates. Scanning the QR code will tell you the status of the item and the contents.

Now I just need to get some sort of native QR code functionality :tired_face:


AppleStore GoogleStore (PlayStore)
QR … I had a working QR code plugin made by someone but he scammed me and never gave me the plugin back… I will have to finish with some important things for now and then sue him. I don’t like to get fooled by anyone.


I use a Bubble plugin to generate the codes, now i just need a native way to also scan them.


No it was ‘for real’.

I’m also worried :stuck_out_tongue:


My bubble app does not do any cool native stuff since it doesn’t need to. I wonder, if I were to make it true native (as in Swift) would Apple then reject it? Or will it pass since it’s made in Swift?


I don’t know but it seems that they could reject it because no native functionality was employed. At least that is what I make of the rejection argumentation I posted above.


I’m having an issue where my repeating groups are not updating in the background on android. I’ve searched in the MainActivity file for:


but I cannot seem to find it. I’m probably missing something silly. Any other clues? Thanks


Never mind. :wink:
I finally figured out the problem. The emulators in Android studio DO NOT use the current time of day of your computer. They seem to default to 6am.

I use current time of day as a limiting constraint in my searches and 6am is outside of my search window, so all searches done in the emulator were coming back empty, despite searches from the same user in iOS, Safari and Chrome all NOT being empty.

Glad I finally figured this out. Really annoyed to have spent this last 6 hours trying all kinds of other things to resolve this.

Hopefully, someone else will read this and be able to avoid this issue.


It seems clear that just having push notifications is not going to cut it anymore. Please be aware of this when you consider this route. We have just found out the hard way…

From Apple

4. 2 Design: Minimum Functionality


Thank you for your reply.

Regarding 4.2, apps that contain features like push notifications and camera and offer an identical experience to a website are not compliant with the App Store Review Guidelines.

To resolve this issue, it would be appropriate to revise your app to incorporate native iOS features or functionality.

We look forward to reviewing your resubmitted app.

Best regards,

App Store Review

Designing for the future (PWA) - pages or groups?

Thanks for this great documentation @mvandrei

Oof, sorry that happened to you @vincent56. Are you still pending resolution?

Would you be able to share any high level aspects of what your app is about so that those of us traveling a similar road will be encouraged to think extra hard about the unique native aspects? Hard to fathom they turned it down and provide no roadmap for how you can receive approval.