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Native MOBILE app - like cheap or FREE 📱 with FREE & Unlimited PUSH notifications! 📬


Hi mark,

As posted above, that was the roadmap. Add more native functionality. I’ll be posting something soon regarding the nature of the app but it’s fully responsive and was designed to be used as a mobile app from the start so it does look pretty native.

It just seems Apple is being more strict with webview apps. They clearly felt that it was not something that couldnt be done in a mobile browser. The fact that the app is slow will probably also not help a lot.

I’m now incorporating some added native functionality so it will get approved but this app was always a nice to have as the desktop/webapp is our primary focus.

I just assumed it would have been an easier road to get approved. But I didnt change much on the original app that we have except for the push notifications really.

Down the road I think we’ll be looking at dropsource but for now we do not have the resources available to rebuild (a part of) our app from scratch in it.


Vincent, sheesh. I was half expecting them to provide a little more detail than that considering you have what many would consider app features in in-app camera use, push notifications, etc.

Forgive me as this thread is quite monstrous, but what product were you using for your webview, GoNative?

Best of luck to you and keep us updated on your progress and also when you are ready to share your product!


I went the route of least resistance and bought the superview webview that the OP suggested.

Its still very minimal effort as long as the app is ok. I would create on dropsource, but my app is so complicated that it would take a long time to recreate in dropsource. I do want to have something in the meantime though.

So we’re adding more native functionality to the iOS app and the Android one has an issue on its own that needs solving first. The camera is not able to record video in the webview.


I’m now able to get Player ID’s for iOS, Android and Web and assign them to individual fields for a given user.
However, I would prefer to have a single PlayerID field that is a list for each user. I thought that this would be a relatively straight forward “list of texts”. However, trying to add the Player ID to the field doesn’t work. It seems to be an issue related to the format of the PlayerID (xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx) perhaps an issue of the “-” in the PlayerID.

Is anyone else using this scenario? It would make it much simpler for sending the Push Notification later as all of a user’s devices could be triggered at the same time.


I created a new data type Playerid.

The way I see it is a playerid being a device. A user can have multiple devices. So I just store the playerid if its new as a new thing with the current user.

When sending out push notifications I use the schedule api work on a list action so it pushes to all playerID’s for a given user.


Our app is behind the status bar. Anyone know how to fix the safe area for top?


put an invisible element that is the height of that zone where it overlaps so you force your desin to stay down?


I was just doing some research and I see there are very limited options for even producing a privately distributed app for an iDevice.
This is a little bit worrying as my app really has no native functionality however I require it to run on an iPad.
Does anyone know of a way produce a web app that doesn’t have navigation bars, acts like an app and can be sent privately.
I dont require to be on the App Store


Hi @chad
You should take a look at Progressive Web App (PWA). Basically it’s website that you « add to home screen » and basically behave like an app for the user.

Things are moving a lot in this area since IOS 11.3 allows (partially) some PWA Features.

Here you’ll find a post describing a bit the method Amazed this works! Full screen on iPhone. How is it possible?


About half hour after I wrote the post while I was searching the forum due to Bubblers block (and the fact it was 1:30am in the morning melbourne time) I stumbled across how to add it to the homescreen in IOS. It i exactly what I’m looking for. It will suit my needs perfectly


THANKS for all the tips & help in this threat! My app is now live on the Google Play store! (still waiting for apple to approve though…)

For Android I used this template:

You can super easily generate the code for your app, they have a online form that you fill in with colors, links, oneSignal etc. and then just download the code, and upload it to Google :slight_smile:

If you want to check out the app: It’s a daily habit tracker to create and keep positive habits!



L.E. be careful with the onesignal, I am not sure if it will work to get the PID.


Hello @mvandrei and others,

By reading through all of this and your other posts, I think I know what the answer will be, but I just wanted to double check… Am I right in saying that without a Mac, Xcode and a very expensive Apple developer account plus a google developer account (I do already have this though) I will never be able to get notifications working?

I’m not planning to release my app as an actual App Store app just yet, I would like to only have web notifications active for the live web version of my app and use mobile notifications in a test mode only, just to see how it works.

That may well change depending on what the answer to this question is though. I just can not justify being forced to buy a Mac simply to get notifications on my app before I know if it’s working or not, even in a test mode and not a published App Store app.




You can test on Android. On iOS will work just the same, but on a different mobile platform.
You could test DropSource with webview, but be advice that Appppppple are getting vert bi*chy about webviews, and I don’t understand why. An webview could be just as useful as a native one…


Sorry for being dense, but with CodeCanyon’s Web2App, would I literally just be able to signup and pay, then download Android Studio, work some magic, get a Google dev account and submit the app?

How much work/struggle would it be for an Android Studio newbie to get his native Bubble app working in Android Studio and create an app?

Thanks Bubblers!


If you don’t code… pretty difficult on Android.
with Web2App should be easier, but I don’t remember if it works with that webview. If it registers the PID.
I had to combine 3 or 4 webviews to achieve what I needed in my app, beside just push notification…
Android is not my A game.


I understand what you mean, android is not my A game as well.


Disculpe, tengo una duda. He probado contener mi aplicación web en programas como Dropsource o Trunkeable en vista web, pero no me sirve para acceder a los archivos del dispositivo. Con la “SuperView” que utiliza ¿se podría hacer esto?


no habla espanol
L.E.: you can access files, but you need permission to access photos for example, or camera. Setup access permissions when you create the app/webview and you should be fine as long as apple approves it. Android approves almost anything so no worries there, other than compatibility with soooo many different manufacturers and OS versions.


I’m having trouble trying to use the individual notification, I’m not registering the individual id

help me