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Need Advice on WebApp Interface


Hello All,
I need some advice. I am building web app on bubble and I keep redesigning the interface many many times, it’s taking a way my time to focus more on the business logic but the truth is, the workflows are highly dependent on the interface and that’s why I wanted to perfect it so I can go more in depth on the workflows/APIs deep math in the background.

The issue is also related on not know what is the best practice for how the UI/UX should be designed, is there any professional bubble UI/UX designer here that can help me out?


I can help you with this. Please check PM.



In my experience, it’s really helpful to pull in professional UX designers to either lead or participate in creating the user experience, as you’re planning to do.

Additionally, I find it really helpful to test interfaces with users. This helps provide tangible information about whether your interfaces and overall user experience are understood by users. It’s also helpful because it takes the uncertainty out of the equation. We love for this because it’s cheap, fast, and super simple.

Best of luck with your search.

Learn best practices from similar functioning apps.
There are lots of ways to do something right.
Iteration is a good thing, perfection isnt real, make it decent, then improve things slowly as time goes. You or other people use the app find annoyances that you resolve.



I will definitely use once the app is finished. Thanks a lot :slight_smile: Meanwhile let me know if you know a professional UI / UX designer to recommend me to work with him/her.


Great suggestion with - Thank you for sharing @sridharan.s