Need help connecting to this api


Can anyone help me in figuring out how to connect to this api via bubble:

Thanks !


I’m looking to do the same for Bittrex. Did you manage to solve this?


Nope couldn’t do it using bubble


That’s a s shame. What did you end up using instead?

Did you try to manually define an action within the plugin for each API call? Would that even be possible?


Ended up switching out of bubble in to code


Out of curiosity, do you know what it was about the API that made it unworkable in Bubble? The sign? the nonce?


Largely the nonce. It’s not like impossible or anything. Speaking in generic terms, (1) bubble only allows you to access the data it wants you to (e…g u cant access token or header data from api response); (2) any usage of data over the sessions or across page & api workflows mean u need to store it; (3) doing complex calcs e.g. signature is not really supported by the editor.

This is one of this things which is too much of a hassle to do via bubble vs. traditional code.
The reasoning is similar to (in my opinion) why doing anything UI is too much of a hassle in traditional code vs bubble. I still use bubble for such stuff but do more complex things via code.


You can calculate the nonce (time in ms) and signature client side (CryptoJS). Zeroqode @levon made an decrypt/encrypt plugin which I suspect you could also use to calculate the signature.


Yes but all this is client side, Hence cannot be used in api workflows