New Bubble Meetup Group started for Paris, France


Hi bubblers,

Like all of you, I’m very enthusiastic about the potential of Bubble, and how it empowers non-tech people to kick start tech/online businesses. I’d love to meet/exchange with other bubblers in Paris, and it seems that there’s no Meetup group here yet, so I got one started:

Not sure yet what would be the best format, we will figure it out along the way, but 3-5 people for peer-to-peer problem-solving meetups sounds like a good way to start :slight_smile:

First meetup in January?

See you then,



Not an overwhelming level of response here in the forum :sweat_smile: but I already have to upgrade the Meetup plan from Basic to Unlimited because more than 50 people have joined the group in 3 days :crazy_face:


Hi, happy to meet in Paris. Bubble change the way I saw all my ideas… future poc and (I hope) future real apps… and not only ideas for ever just in my mind …


Hmmm, maybe a group of Australian Bubblers should leave these dusty, hot beer-soaked plains for a few days for the sophisticated, wine-tipped gites of inner-city Paris to discuss Bubble over bubbles.
Just a thought…



The first event is on Sunday!


I cannot make it, too hard on a sunday morning after 1 week away from home. See you another time!


Not sure if I manage, but would like to participate. Can just come in without subscribing on meetup or it’s better I subscribe (and possibly don’t come…)?


Yes sorry, I know it is maybe not the best to organise this on a weekend. But I’m not in Paris on weekdays, unfortunately. I’ll try to have the next meetup organised on a weekday by someone else.


Don’t overthink it, just come if you wake up early enough :slight_smile:


It was a great pleasure to meet @Lucien and other people, who came to the meeting this Sunday morning.
It was really well organized and for me the 2 hrs passed quickly. Hope to meet again!


Thank you all for coming!

Here are the resources we discussed:

Learn More:

Help & Freelancers/Agencies:

Alternative to Bubble:

Good complements to Bubble:

And finally, the little “exercise” we did (you can access the editor):


Edition #2 of Bubble Meetup Paris: April 11, 2018 at 7:30pm.


Emmanuel Straschnov, founder of Bubble, we’ll be joining us for a fireside chat! :fire:

Hello, Bubblers! :vulcan_salute:

It’s the 2nd edition of our code-free Meetup!

This time we’ll build live (and ship!) a niche classified site a la LeBonCoin (aka the French Craigslist).

We’ll do it in just 30 minutes and without any coding, thanks to Bubble’s visual programming platform! :muscle::sunglasses:

Absolute beginners, more experienced bubblers, and aspiring business founders are all welcome!

Bring your laptop if you are game! :computer:


  • Price: free, just like Bubble :slight_smile:
  • Language: English/French/Franglish
  • Programming knowledge required: none
  • Sponsors: M2i Formation (room) & Bubble (Meetup fee)


Enorme! J’en suis!


Here is the MVP/clone of LeBonCoin (French Graigslist) built live yesterday during the Meetup!





Bravo! :slight_smile: En espérant voir plus de francophones sur Bubble!