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New Course: Complete Bubble Developer Course


Leonidas has developed this course thoughtfully.

The best part of the course is that it forces you to think and you start to develop a certain belief in your ability and in the power of Bubble!

Highly recommended!

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Thank you @panashpmab1. I appreciate it!



I’ve completed this course, the section dedicated to API development really helped me build my APP.
Thank you, and could you please create more content for us because I really enjoy your style of teaching.

I highly recommend this course to all Bubble beginners and even intermediate users.



I’m happy my course helped you build your own app. I will constantly be adding content to the course based on student feedback, as I have already.

Thank you very much @kokosiouli. I did design the course for beginner Bubble developers to get to an intermediate level and for intermediate Bubble developers to get to an advanced level. I am glad you recognized that. Thank you.



This is great @leonidas.petrou4, I emailed this to my brother as he is interested in learning bubble.

How long has this been in the works for, I’m sure was a lot of work! Congrats on its launch.

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Hi @marktuff, thanks for sharing it with your brother, I hope he finds it helpful.

It’s been in the works for a while. A few months of planning and 2 months of filming and editing. It is a lot of work but it is something I enjoy doing. Thank you!



good to see that the course helped lotsa ppl! myself included

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I am too. Thanks @acap. Thanks to you and everyone else who signed up, my course is the “Best Seller” Bubble Visual Programming course on Udemy.