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[New Feature] Ability to define commits



We’ve just added a way for you to define commits for your development version. It’s basically a way to define a commit message and it will be shown in the history of the deploys/reversions/commits in the Version Control panel. This is useful in particular if you want to save a time where the app was stable, to be able to easily revert to this time (by clicking on copy time).


Thanks for adding this.

Minor usability bug: When you click “Cancel” on the Commit message modal, the “Commit a development version” button is subsequently made not clickable until you refresh the editor.


This is going to be sooooo helpful. I as just wishing I had something like this today. :slight_smile: Good timing. Thanks Bubble! Can’t wait for more future updates! :slight_smile:


Awesome, no longer have to push to Live prior to doing dev to save a clean version!


We fixed that