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[New Feature] Ability to define page folders in edit mode

Tks! This makes editor better and better

Awesome addition to this amazing platform! Would be great if we could create nested folders within the Workflow folder section:thinking:

Would be cool if this would also work on run-mode, i.e if a page is in a folder called “test”, the link to that page would be


Hi @emmanuel

This is a great feature, but sadly in practice I’m finding it frustrating to use.

The reason is because it doesn’t remember the page folder you were on, so each time you want another page it takes two clicks - one to re-select the folder, and one to select the page. I’m finding it easier to wade through my huge page list than have to do that.

Any chance the folder you are in could be remembered each time you visit the page list?



+1 this feature request

This is great!

Is there a way to have this in run mode now? Or any plans for that in the future?

I agree Antony…persisting the previously selected folder would be a great add. Would make working on a new release much easier, and would also shield the developer a bit more from editing the wrong (but very similar) page.

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I agree @antony
This is a great feature. But, when it comes to implementation, the whole purpose is defeated. Hope Bubble team will do something about simplifying this feature.

When an app gets larger it would be SO helpful to have a grouping of like items, for times when you are switching back and forth between the same set of pages and reusable elements.

Folders seem like the right answer, but without a way to “pin” them to the menu in some way - you end up with more clicks.

I’d love to see this addressed.

Another way to go would be to add a submenu to the context menu that would have a dynamic list of everything else in the same folder as the item being viewed, accessible with one click.

There are probably other ways it could be done but the objective should be to offer some way to quickly switch between items in a folder.